Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Maritime Conference

Children's Sabbath School

Suggested Program for May 23, 2020


Connect and Praise

1) Watch our Maritime Prayer, & Praise video for this Sabbath (Click to View)

2) Put actions to the words for our Memory Work Verse for this week about serving God and others!
As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace. - Matthew 6:33 (ESV)

3) Prayer Songs
Choose your favorite Sabbath School Songs to sing as a family.

4) Praise Chain
Create a paper chain of links praising God for His blessings that week. Make this a weekly activity and see how long your chain can get!


Study and Grow

This week we are focusing on serving God and others! God desires us to serve our fellow man. We are to value others more than the "stuff" around us.
God calls us to be boys and girls of faithfulness to service as the Good Samaritan in the following lesson video (and not as the Wealthy Man).

  1.  Jesus Calls Peter (Click to View Video)     
  2.  The Parable of the Great Banquet (Click to View Video) 

Craft and Do

1) Growing Together Craft

God Provides for Our Needs Giving our Time, Treasures and Talents Back to God. 

Materials: Envelope, Hand printouts on cardstock (see template attached), color pencils.

Click Here For Hand Printout

Activity – Giving Back To God Hands

Write one way you can give back to God on each of the 7 hands you have printed out. Be sure to include a mixture of ways you can give your Time, Treasures, and Talents. Once you have all 7 hands completed, put them in your envelope. Pick out a hand at random each day this week and follow through with the way of given written on the hand. Put the daily hands on your wall or refrigerator as a reminder. Keep adding to your wall of giving each day.

Craft Bible Verse:  Matthew 6:33

Creature Feature

Lions 101 | Nat Geo Wild (Click to View)

Cheetahs 101 | Nat Geo Wild  (Click to View)