Maritime Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Helping to Reconcile People to God

Maritime Churches


New Brunswick Churches:

Acadian Peninsula Company

Pastor Lisebye Luchmun
(506) 727-0853

Barnesville Church
1158 Route 820
Barnesville, NB
Mail: 2208 Rte 820
Upham NB E5N 3G6  

Pastor Ricky Schwarz II
(506) 832-3528


Bouctouche Company
59 Irving Blvd

Bouctouche, NB
Mail: 579 Route 505
Ste-Anne-De-Kent NB E4S 1J8    

Pastor Guy Lacourse
(506) 743-5799
Fredericton Church
870 Grandame Street
Fredericton, NB
E3B 3Z8    
Pastor: Zladen Lluldjuroic
(506) 457-1886
Harvey Church
9 Maple Street
Harvey Station, NB
E6K 3K2    
Pastor: Zladen Lluldjuroic
(506) 366-1016
Maranatha Church
100 Dutch Point Rd
Hampton, NB
Mail: PO Box 1105
Hampton NB E5N 8H1    
Pastor Ricky Schwarz II
(506) 832-3197
Miramichi Church
290 Dalton Ave
Miramichi, NB
E1V 3N9

Pastor Guy Lacourse
(506) 624-9872

Moncton Church
161 Salisbury Road
Moncton, NB
E1E 1A6    
Pastor Métard Salomon
(506) 382-5561
Moncton French Church
10 Ruelle Marc André
Dieppe, NB
E1A 8A9    
Pastor Métard Salomon
(506) 384-6056
Perth-Andover Church
12 McCrea Drive
Perth-Andover, NB
E7H 3B3    
Lay Pastor Howard Paddock
(506) 273-2063
Saint John Church
509 Woodward Avenue
Saint John, NB
E2K 4N1    
Pastor Ricky Schwarz II
(506) 634-1606
St. George Church
116 Main Street
St. George, NB
E5C 3J9    
Pastor John Fournier
(506) 755-3203
Zealand Church
33 Morehouse Corner Rd.
Zealand, NB
Mail: 41 Creston Lane
Zealand NB E6L 2K5  
Zladen Lluldjuroic
(506) 363-3317
Nova Scotia Churches:  
Bridgewater Church
17 Greenwood Street
Bridgewater, NS
B4V 2M8    
Pastor Pedro Graca
(902) 543-3753
Dartmouth Church
35 Lakecrest Drive
Dartmouth, NS
B2X 1T9    
Pastor Gary Belhomme
(902) 434-1562
Digby Church
36 King Street
Mail: PO Box 1446
Digby, NS
B0V 1A0    

Pastor David Hamilton
(902) 312-1095

Fox Point Church
509 Highway 329
Hubbards, NS
B0J 1T0    
Pastor Peter McPherson
(902) 857-3913
Halifax Church
2063 Parker Street
Halifax, NS
B3K 4T6 
Pastor Gary Belhomme
Middleton Church
65 Victoria Road
Middleton, NS
Mail: 959 Shawn Dr
Kingston NS B0P 1R0  
Pastor Pedro Graca
(902) 363-2396
New Glasgow Church
60 Ellis St, New Glasgow
Mail: PO Box 921
New Glasgow, NS B2H 5K7  
Pastor Carvil and Alexandra Richards
(902) 695-3089
New Minas Church
9509 Commercial Street
New Minas, NS
Mail: PO Box 74 Stn Main
Kentville, NS B4N 3V9  
Pastor Pedro Graca
(902) 365-5165
North Sydney Church
31 Peppett St, North Sydney
Mail: PO Box 405 Stn Main
North Sydney, NS B2A 3M4 
Pastor Franz Unger
(902) 794-2488
Oak Park Church
743 Oak Park Rd, Barrington
Mail: PO Box 235
Barrington Passage, NS B0W 1G0  
Pastor Dave Hamilton
(902) 637-2284
Pugwash Church
2197 Gulf Shore Rd
Pugwash, NS  B0K 1L0    
Pastor Carvil and Alexandra Richards
(902) 243-3012
Tantallon Church
12494 Peggys Cove Rd
Tantallon, NS  B3Z 2M7  
Pastor Peter McPherson
(902) 826-7138
Truro Church
32 Wynn Road
Truro, NS
Mail: 193 MacDonald Rd
Shubenacadie, NS  B0N 2H0  
Pastor Carvil and Alexandra Richards
(902) 893-3997
Wayside Chapel
3669 West Lake Ainslie Road
Inverness, NS  B0E 1N0    
Pastor: TBD
(902) 258-3817
Beacon United Church
Yarmouth, NS
Mail: 816 Gavel Rd
Tusket, NS  B0W 3M0  
Pastor Dave Hamilton
(902) 648-3465

Woodside Company
South Woodside Community Centre
Dartmouth, NS
Mail: 114-200 Royale Blvd
Dartmouth NS B2W 0K7


Pastor Gary Belhomme
(902) 457-9086

Prince Edward Island Churches:


Charlottetown Church
70 Royalty Junction Road
Winsloe, PE
Mail: PO Box 170
Winslow, PE  C1E 1Z2    
Pastor Jordane Smith
(902) 894-8158