Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Maritime Conference

Campmeeting 2019

Time Jul. 26 Friday  Jul. 27 Sabbath  Jul. 28 Sunday  Jul. 29 Monday Jul. 30 Tuesday Jul. 31  Wednesday  Aug. 1 Thursday Aug. 2 Friday   Aug. 3 Sabbath
7:00 AM   Claudine Belhomme Leta Dukeshire Franz Unger Franz Unger Franz Unger Franz Unger Franz Unger Erna McCann
9:00 AM   Chris Holland Chris Holland Ricky Schwarz Mike Lemon Mike Lemon Mike Lemon Mike Lemon  
10:50 AM   John Bradshaw John Bradshaw John Bradshaw Frank Kelemen Lee Venden Lee Venden Lee Venden Lee Venden
2:30 PM   Chris Holland Chris Holland Loren Seibold Loren Seibold Loren Seibold Loren Seibold Loren Seibold  
4:00 PM     John Bradshaw Dale Baker Dale Baker Dale Baker Dale Baker Dale Baker  

7:15 PM

Lee Venden

Lee Venden Lee Venden Lee Venden Lee Venden Lee Venden Lee Venden Lee Venden Lee Venden


John Bradshaw

In January 2011, John Bradshaw became It Is Written’s new speaker/director. In his two decades of ministry, John has held more than 100 evangelistic series. His series have spanned 6 continents and impacted thousands of lives in hundreds of cities. From working internationally on evangelistic projects, to speaking at conferences and events, to authoring books, to working at home base in Chattanooga, Tennessee, John continues to energetically lead the It Is Written ministry team and impact the world for Christ and His soon return.


Lee Venden and Marji Venden

A pastor, educator, and presenter for more than 29 years, Lee has sought to know Jesus better and to help others accomplish that as well. He has authored three books and co-authored the internationally popular website, Marji Venden has a particular interest in helping children understand that they too can have a personal friendship with Jesus. As an educator for more than 12 years, and mother of two children, Marji loves to assist parents who are seeking to guide their children into a relational
understanding of Christianity.


Mike Lemon

Mike Lemon is the new speaker, director for “It Is Written Canada.” He and his wife, Rene, are both teachers, 100% organic, Non-GMO, sweet and sour lemons. Rene is the sweet one. They love sharing Jesus with others and have worked in ministry and education positions in Canada for the last 20 years; before that, they worked in South Africa as teachers, and Mike was also a pastor. They have come to “It Is Written Canada” from Fountainview Academy in BC, where they have ministered for the last 12 years. They have two amazing daughters, Jo-Ann and Miclain, who love to travel, make meaningful connections with people from all walks of life, and share their vibrant faith in God.


Loren Seibold 

Loren Seibold pastors several churches in the Ohio Conference of Seventh-day Adventist. Writes for several magazines, including Signs of the Times, Ministry and The Adventist Review, and as well as edits a news-letter for pastors called Best Practices for Adventist Ministry. His wife, Carmen, is an ordained minister and a hospice chaplain. They love gardening, travel and reading. 

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